Training of Home Guards

Training of Home Guards:

1. Training Institute

          Wherever authorized a Central Training Institute will be established to cater for the training requirements of Home Guards in respect of specialized C.D. subjects.

          Company Commander's courses and cadre courses for the paid instructors. The Union Territories may join with neighbouring states to fulfill their training requirements. The establishment for combined and separate Home Guards and Civil Defence Central Training Centres are authorized to be set up at the rate of 1 per district. The establishment authorized for different categories of District Training Centres, is given in Chapter II.

1.1 Training Grant

          The training grant for a Rural Home Guards Training Centre is Rs.1,000 per annum. The grant for an Urban Home Guards Training Centre will have to be calculated on the basis of the number of trainees to be handled.

1.2 Training Equipment

          Equipment required for training in the fighting and rescue is shown in Appendix 'B' but in towns considered vulnerable to air attack, the Civil Defence equipment being purchased for the Civil Defence services should also be utilized for the training of urban Home Guards. The equipment shown in Appendix "b" is considered sufficient for two full companies of Home Guards.

2. Type of training

          The Home Guards are given basic training in drill with and without arms, weapon training, fire discipline, crowd control, field craft, patrolling, map reading and Civil Defence training including fire fighting, rescue, first-aid, flood relief etc.

          The training for Urban and Rural Home Guards is phased into 4 parts namely, Basic training, Refresher training, Advance training and Leadership training.

          In the case of Rural Home Guards, the training is imparted in camps at District Training Centres.

2.1 Urban Home Guards:

          (a) Basic training in first year of joining- 57days

          A programme of 170 periods of 45 minutes each in minimum of 47 days is to be covered at parades of 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours duration.
                    Plus Camp training : 10 days.

          (b) Refresher Training ( in the second year of joining)- 52 days

          One parade of 2 ½ hrs, duration every week should be attended by every Urban Home Guard. The entire syllabus of basic training should be gone over gradually with greater emphasis on P.T. Unarmed Combat, Drill, Weapon Training. Crowd Control and duties and responsibilities relating to law and order aspect.
                    Plus Camp training : 8 days.

          (c) Advanced Training-27 days.

          One-third of the total strength is to be given advanced training of 80 periods through part-time parades. In Advanced Training emphasis should be laid on higher training in subjects such as Drill, Weapon Training, Crowd Control, Anti-riot duties, Unarmed Combat, Traffic Control, arrangements for control of large public meeting, Protection of vital installations, Patrolling, Fire-fighting and Civil Defence-subject such as Rescue and first-Aid. If possible, handling of automatic weapons such as stenguns and light machine guns may also be taught.

          (d) Leadership Training-21 days

          There is no change in syllabus of Leadership Training which will continue to be for 21 days- for Section and Platoon Commanders and for 30 days in the case of Company Commanders. From the second year onwards, Section Leaders, Platoon Leaders, Courses may be organized either at all the Rural Home Guards District Training Centres or at selected centres throughout the State. From the third year, the Company Commander's Courses should also be organized. Similar arrangements will also be necessary for securing a built in leadership for the Urban Home Guards and their Women's wing. Here the Leadership Courses may be run on Part-time basis, except for Company Commanders, who should preferably go to the Central Institute for one month's intensive course.

2.2 Rural Home Guards

          (a) Basic Training ( First year)- 42 days
          The period of Basic training for Rural Home Guards will be reduced to six weeks. It will consist of 276 periods of 45 minutes each.

          (b) Refresher Training ( 2nd year)- 25 days
          Annual refresher training of 25 days of training will be given at DTCs in such a manner that the total of 25 days is broken into a suitable cumber of lesser days at any one time. During this training emphasis will be laid on subjects of PT, Unarmed Combat, Drill, Weapon Training , Crowd Control and duties and responsibilities relating to law and order aspect.

          (c) Advanced Training- 25 days
          The training will last for 25 days in District Hdqrs. The emphasis on subject in Advanced Training will be the same as for Urban Home Guards.

          (d) Leadership Training- 57 days
          Duration of leadership training will be the same as for Urban Home Guards.