Distinguished Service

President's Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service.

Sl. No. Name of the Awardees Rank. During the year/ on the occasion of Republic Day/Independence Day.
1 2 3 4
1. Shri K. Prakash Rao Asst. Fire Officer. 2002 (Republic Day)
2. Shri N.C. Dhal Asst. Fire Officer 2002(Independence Day)
3. Shri P. Parida Leading Fireman 2002(Independence Day)
4. Shri G.C. Dhar Leading Fireman 2002(Independence Day)
5. Shri Madhusudan Baral Leading Fireman 2005(Republic Day)
6. Shri Guru Govinda Patttanaik Asst. Fire Officer 2005(Independence Day)
7. Shri Swapneswar Samal Station Officer 2005(Independence Day)
8. Shri Bimal Krushna Mohapatra Asst. Station Officer 2005(Independence Day)
9. Shri Krushna Chandra Dash Leading Fireman 2005(Independence Day)
10. Shri Gyanendra Kumar Sahoo Asst. Fire Officer 2006(Republic Day)
11. Shri Akhil Kumar Samal Leading Fireman 2006(Republic Day)
12. Shri Sailendu Mohanty Station Officer 2006(Independence Day)
13. Shri Lingaraj Senapati Driver Havildar 2006(Independence Day)
14. Shri Rabinarayan Mohanty Driver Havildar 2006(Independence Day)
15. Shri Rash Behari Mohanty Fire Officer 2007(Republic Day)
16. Shri Brajendu Bhusan Das Asst. Fire Officer. 2007(Republic Day)
17. Shri Jnanendra Nath Behera Asst. Fire Officer 2007(Independence Day)
18. Shri Bhagyadhar Mohapatra Station Officer 2007(Independence Day)
19. Shri Ramesh Chandra Mohapatra Asst. Fire Officer 2008(Republic Day)
20. Shri Balaram Mohanty Asst. Fire Officer 2008(Republic Day)
21. Shri Masafu Jagga Rao Station Officer 2008(Republic Day)
22. Shri Dusmant Kumar Garnaik Leading Fireman 2008(Republic Day)
23. Shri Trinath Sahu Asst. Fire Officer 2008(Independence Day)
24. Shri Rishikesh Kandi Leading Fireman 2008(Independence Day)
25. Shri Pravakar Behera Driver Havildar 2008(Independence Day)
26. Shri Manoj Kumar Mohapatra Fireman 2008(Independence Day)
27. Shri Kaibalya Charan Das Dy. Fire Officer, S.R. Berhampur 2009 ( Republic Day)
28. Shri Naba Krushna Mishra Asst. Fire Officer, Sambalpur F.S. 2009( Independence Day)
29. Shri Laxmidhar Pradhan Leading Fireman (Now Asst. Station Officer) 2009( Independence Day)
30. Shri Maheswar Swain Asst. Fire Officer 2010 ( Republic Day)
31. Shri Sarbeswar Baral Station Officer 2010 (Republic Day)
32. Shri Prasanna Kumar Nayak Asst. Station Officer 2010 (Independence Day)
33. Shri Somanath Nayak, Asst. Station Officer 2010 (Independence Day)
34. Shri Ramesh Chandra Sahoo Fireman 2010 (Independence Day)
35. Shri J.R. Bidhusekhar Asst. Fire Officer 2011 (Republic Day)
36. Shri Narahari Barik Leading Fireman 2011 (Republic Day)
37. Shri Pradeep Kumar Rout Station Officer 2011 (Republic Day)
38. Shri Arun Kumar Sarangi Asst. Fire Officer 2011(Independence Day)
39. Shri Sashanka Sekhar Mohapatra Station Officer 2011(Independence Day)
40. Shri Sribatsha Kumar Behera Asst. Station Officer 2011(Independence Day)
41. Shri Hemanta Kumar Das Driver Havildar 2011(Independence Day)
42. Shri Kedarnath Samal Fireman 2011(Independence Day)
43. Abdul Kalam Deputy Fire Officer 2012( Republic Day)
44. Shri Abhaya Kumar Jena Asstt. Fire Officer 2012( Republic Day)
45. Shri Rajkishore Samal Fitter Station Officer 2012( Republic Day)
46. Shri Niranjan Sethy Leading Fire man 2012( Republic Day)
47. Shri Bishnu Charan Samantaray Assistant Station Officer 2013 (Republic Day)
48. Shri Raghunath Ratha Havildar Major 2013 (Republic Day)
49. Shri Bighneswar Mohapatra, Driver Havildar 2013 (Republic Day)
50. Shri Bikram Keshari Naik Driver Havildar 2013 (Republic Day)
51. Shri Krushna Chandra Biswal, Fireman 2013 (Republic Day)
52. Shri Skanta Sethi Chief Fire Officer 2013 (Independence Day)
53. Shri Nirmal Kumar Singh Station Officer 2013 (Independence Day)
54. Shri Dillip Kumar Parija Driver Havildar 2013 (Independence Day)
55. Shri Debendra Kumar Parija Fireman 2013 (Independence Day)
56. Shri Bhabagrahi Ghadei Dy. Fire Officer 2014 ( Republic Day )
57. Shri Manoranjan Bhol Dy. Fire Officer 2014 ( Republic Day )
58. Shri Somanath Behera Fitter Station Officer 2014 ( Republic Day )
59. Shri Dukhishyam Das Havildar Major 2014 ( Republic Day )
60. Shri Akshaya Kumar Pradhan Asst. Station Officer 2014 ( Republic Day )
61. Shri Shishir Kumar Bhatacharjee Fireman 2014 ( Republic Day )
62. Shri Raghab Mallick, Fireman/953 2014 (Independence Day)
63. Shri Modan Mohan Debata Asst. Fire Officer 2015 ( Republic Day)
64. Shri Rabindra Kumar Swain, Asst. Fire Officer 2016 (Independence Day)
64. Shri Rabindra Kumar Swain, Asst. Fire Officer 2016 (Independence Day)
65. Shri Laxman Kumar Behera, Station Officer 2017 (Republic Day)
66. Shri Naren Kumar Mohanty, Station Officer 2017 (Republic Day)
67. Shri Nilakantha Mohanty, Station Officer 2017 (Republic Day)
68. Shri Subodha Chandra Majhi, Driver Havildar 2017 (Republic Day)
69. Shri Rajkishore Jena, Station Officer 2017 (Independence Day)
70. Shri Suresh Kumar Barik, Leading Fireman 2017 (Independence Day)
71. Shri Bhimsen Lenka, Station Officer 2018 (Republic Day)
72. Shri Natabar Nayak, Station Officer 2018 (Republic Day)
73. Shri Kartik Chandra Behera, Leading Fireman 2018 (Republic Day)
74. Shri Fanindra Nayak, Leading Fireman 2018 (Independence Day)
75. Shri Kumarbar Samal, Fireman 2019 (Republic Day)