Home Guards Act 1963


     Notification No. 1888-CD-74/63, dated 28.3.1963 : in exercise of the powers conferred by Sub-section (2) of Section 10 of the Odisha Home Guards Act, 1961 (Odisha Act 22 of 1961), the State Government do hereby make the following rules:

1.Short title: These rules may be called the Odisha Home Guards (Appeal) Rules, 1963.

2.A member of Home Guards may appeal against an order of suspension, reduction in rank, discharge or dismissal or imposition of any fines.

3.(a) Any member of Home Guards aggrieved by :

    (i)an order or Commandant may appeal to the Deputy Commandant-General;

    (ii)an original order passed by the Deputy Commandant-General may appeal to the Commandant General;

    (iii)an original order passed by the Commandant-General may appeal to the State Government:

1[Provided that in the absence of Deputy Commandant –General, the Commandant –General may dispose of the appeals against orders of Commandant.]

  (b) An original order passed with the concurrence of any superior authority shall be deemed to be an original order of the superior authority.

4.(a) Every appeal petition shall be presented to the officer, against whose order the appeal is preferred, without court-fee stamp. The officer shall forward the appeal to the appellate authority without undue delay with his comments on each point raised in the appeal petition in separate sheets along with the proceedings of the enquiry, his original order, other connected papers and the service records of the appellant.

   (b) The order of the appellate authority in such appeal shall be final.

   *Published vide Notfn. No.1888-CD-74/63 dtd. 28.3.1963.

1. Inserted by the Odisha Home Guards (Appeal) Amendment Rules, 2014 vide Home Department Notification No. HOME-HG-RULE -0008-2014/503/CD, dated 27.5.2014.